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Risk Advisory Services – Consulting and Technology

Technology is one of the jewels in every company’s crown. Its effective use can mean the difference between the company and its competitors, between the company’s goals and its results. The best-performing IT infrastructures provide non-stop, fully integrated, actionable data within an environment of checks and balances that limits exposures while enabling maximum use of employees’ skills.

Risk Advisory Services -- Consulting and Technology

To optimize your finance and
accounting technology investment,
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At Blythe Global Advisors, we help you understand and optimize your systems’ overall performance and security as well as the relationship between your people and your systems. We assess whether your current systems are sufficiently robust to accommodate new strategies and new accounting principles.

We deliver these services through BlytheTeam©, our alliance of former Big Four partners/executives, current industry entrepreneurs, and former corporate finance and accounting senior executives/professionals. Our clients can attest that we hit the ground running and always leave companies ready to meet reporting obligations, strengthened against the threat of breach and better situated to reach strategic objectives.

Our compliance services include:

  • IT General Controls: When it comes to program changes, logical access, IT operations (segregation of duties, etc.), we help you achieve a secure, compliant control environment that doesn’t overburden your people or hinder your goals.
  • IT Project Management: From implementation of new systems/applications to integration/migration of existing data or programs, our project management services always consider the specific endeavor, your overall IT initiatives, contracts and, most importantly, your deadlines.
  • Finance Transformation: You need finance and accounting systems that are not just fully integrated and optimized but also reflective of your organization. We help you by supporting companywide initiatives that transform your finance functions and capabilities.
  • IPO Readiness: Whether you’re just beginning to consider a public offering or have a firm launch date, we help you stay on course – establishing priorities, participating in regular planning meetings, augmenting accounting functions to keep routine tasks on schedule, and assisting with other service providers. See a full description of our IPO services.
  • Data Analytics: We map current systems to connect records – transforming formerly dissimilar, raw data into meaningful measurements that help you forecast results with better precision. We review, assess and organize existing data so you have actionable information (e.g., analyzing revenue transactions to determine proper accounting treatment and optimal reporting periods, reviewing accounts payable processes to identify duplication or overpayment, etc.).

Our end-to-end approach provides solutions that are flexibly priced, customized to your specific risk concerns and include the hallmarks of every BGA engagement – turnkey implementation, knowledge transfer and measurable results.